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The MEN reports on New Fitness Studio in Alderley Edge
Former Banker Rob Brennan opens a new Fitness Studio in Alderley Edge - ďA lot of new mums are not sure where to start when they want to get back into shape, so Iíve been working with a local mumsí group so I can help them on their journey.Ē
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Lindsey Wordley, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

How did you find Rob?
Through a friend who does kettlebell training with Rob
How has your progress been?
I'm not untypical I guess of the type of person that seeks out a personal trainer, busy with my career, single parent to two gorgeous children aged 12 and 16 who are extremely independent. I need the 1:1 motivation that Rob brings - ever encouraging - ever supportive.
Are you pleased with the results?
So far I am extremely pleased
How has life changed since you started?
I'm now in a dress size smaller - I have so much more energy, its quite incredible. I've got a very demanding job - fitness is definitely the key - I think I may have the bug.
What would you say to others thinking about having a personal trainer?
Its the 'Personal' bit that is the key, its all about you, like I said before if you are a busy person, its never about you and instead of putting ourselves first we invariably put ourselves last. Think on this, why do they say on the plane, put the oxygen mask on before helping others - works for me!

Andrew Rosamond, Macclesfield, Cheshire

How has your progress been since using Fitness Universal?
I am now 4lb short of losing 4 stone, I have dropped two sizes in all of my clothes and I feel fitter now at 50 than I did when I was 40
How has your life changed since you started?
I now have loads of energy, I achieve so much more than I ever could both personally and professionally, I actually feel very healthy for the first time ever

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