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Fitness Universal has launched a series of bootcamps in Alderley Edge and Hampstead.

If you want to experience a new and effective way of getting fit and losing weight in the fresh air, then this is just the thing. It is a great way to get fit with your friends and perhaps meet some new ones too. Click here and arrange your bootcamp now.


Fitness Universal is based in Hampstead London and Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Our methods are based ancient principles of achieving overall fitness of the body and mind. The Fitness Universal Fundamental Principles can be found here.

It is our goal to enable you to make exercise and activity part of your life. Information on our training methods and packages can be found here. Or contact us now and book a free consultation. Meet the team.......

Fitness Trainer Rob Brennan

Rob Brennan, Personal Trainer

Rob has a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, as well as qualifications in Sports Nutrition, Obesity Prevention, Circuit Training, and Postural correction. Rob is qualified to teach Boxercise and Boxercise Kids, but as a boxing enthusiast also teaches the traditional Boxing techniques, including plenty of Kettlebell work...

Rob's personable, passionate and firm approach will ensure that you enjoy and get the most from your sessions with him achieving your goals in the quickest possible time. His varied approach to training will ensure you are never bored, and always pushed to the limit.

Having overcome the challenge of fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle, Rob is well placed to help you do the same. Through training with Rob, you will become more motivated and active in all aspects of your life. Add to this the advice on stress management, self discipline and healthy eating, and you will find him to be a well rounded trainer who will not disappoint.

Word from Rob

"My success as a personal trainer is due to my focus on Functional activities and exercises which make a real difference to the things we do every day, such as getting in and out of the car with greater ease, walking up stairs, and even spending long periods of time on their feet without getting back or leg ache. This has been particularly relevant to nurses and teachers whom I train. I achieve great results because I look at each individual as a totally unique case and design a programme which will be useful and helpful to them and they really feel the difference, there is no 'one size fits all' approach to my training, and when people feel the results, they keep coming back."