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Boxing for Fitness

All of the Fitness Universal clients have achieved incredible results. This is because our training programmes are a carefully tailored combination of exercises which target the key areas of the body.

Those of you familiar with the site will know my thoughts on Kettlebell training and why it is so effective, so this article will focus on boxing, and in particular why boxing is so important to ensure our clients achieve their fitness goals.

Whether they are weight loss, inch loss or stamina and endurance goals, boxing is crucial!

Boxing, a brief history...

Boxing was originally a bare fisted fight often to the death. The first records of boxing like fighting as a sport can be traced to Africa and Ancient Egypt, but it was the Ancient Greeks who first introduced it into Europe. They believed it was a sport played by the Gods on Mount Olympus, and so it was introduced into the Olympic Games in 688BC.

Boxing was popularised in the Roman Empire where it was brutal and to the death. It was not just bare-knuckle either. Hard leather hand wraps were used which evolved to contain metal studs, a particularly savage spectator sport. Alas, in 393AD it became even too brutal for the barbaric Roman arenas, and was abolished.

An early form of today’s boxing, a mix of bare-knuckle contents and wrestling re-surfaced in London in the 17th century. Boxing then progressed and became a somewhat more skilled and noble affair with some grand followers including the English Royals.

Over the 19th century, 3 minute rounds were introduced, along with restrictions on wrestling and grappling and the introduction of gloves as boxing became recognisable to how it is known today.

Boxing is a Martial Art just like any other. It requires great discipline, courage, skill, balance and agility. It demands the highest level of self respect, in particular respect for ones physical self due to the strict diet and gruelling training required to reach peak condition and enter the ring to fight.

Boxing has had a lot of criticism over the years for its brutality and in particular in the professional scene for the incidences of brain damage and even death of the competitors. However all sport carries risk and with the correct conditioning, training and officiating it is a wonderful and exciting contest between two fighters which is as safe as many other popular sports.

Boxing for fitness

If reading the above has made you think “but I don’t want to be a boxer, I just want to get fit!” then don’t worry! At our premises in West Hampstead and Chiswick, unless specifically requested, Fitness Universal focus exclusively on boxing for fitness! This involves challenging combinations of punches against pads held by our instructors and working punch bags along with many other boxing drills.

We teach correct boxing footwork and technique unlike many other boxing for fitness organisations as we believe that whether you want to be a boxer or just get in shape it is worth doing right! You will be bobbing, weaving, slipping and countering at high intensity and your fitness level will soar.

Boxing, as well as burning calories and building lean tissue in the arms and torso is fantastic for developing co ordination and balance, agility, endurance and mental strength. Some of the training drills, used by professional boxers will push you to the limit and you will astonish yourself at what you can achieve. Things you felt were impossible will be accessible in a matter of weeks and you will love it, everyone does!

The constant twisting and impacting of punches shocks the body into building up core and arm muscles and the legs get a thorough work out from the rapid footwork, ducking, weaving and spending the entire time on the toes once the legs are conditioned enough to do this.

The results we expect are toned arms after only a few sessions with delighted clients often reporting back various arm compliments from their friends and colleagues, and the torso soon becoming leaner with inches falling away from waist and hips.

It is not just the art of boxing itself which is so beneficial to the body, through our partnership with professional boxers, we know the behind the scenes training secrets that are the true keys to finely honed physiques, speed, agility and strength.

Contact us to find out more about our boxing training in Alderley Edge, West Hampstead or Richmond. We can also provide boxing training all over Cheshire, North London and South London!

Hope to hear from you soon!