Miss Universe GB 2011 Finalist – Jennifer Ellen-Batson

Fitness Universal is proud to announce that they are supporting Jennifer Ellen-Batson in her effort to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain. Jennifer is one of only 60 women selected after an exhaustive series of nationwide heats.

After studying a degree in Fine Art Printmaking, Jennie gained an additional qualification in Land Law and started a career as a Land Referencer. She is currently undergoing training for a new position in London, commuting from her home in Horsham. ‘Being a Miss Universe GB finalist, it’s important that I represent today’s woman; independent and hardworking’ says Jennie. Its Jennie attitude and tenacity that have helped her stand out from thousands of other hopefuls in the earlier regional heats.

Jennie is also a big advocate of charity work; she is due to do a sponsored bungee jump for the Joshua Foundation, a charity that supports children with terminal cancer. She also spent a summer in Tanzania building a school for children in the Rau province. She hopes that the increased exposure that the Miss Universe competition has afforded her will enable her to extend her reach when undertaking more charity work.

The Miss Universe pageant also has a strong aesthetic element, with the finalists having to look their best over several rounds in different outfits. Like all young women, Jennie has to work hard at staying physically fit and has to discipline herself to eat well and exercise regularly. With her new job in London and the long commute, she admits scheduling in regular workouts is challenging. ‘At the moment, I have to fit in runs late in the evenings when I’m back at home and on weekends’.

Jennie also studies Muay Thai, the demanding nature of which keeps her in shape. ‘I think every woman should study a martial art for self defense’ remarked Jennie.

Fitness Universal will be offering Jennie advice on her diet and exercise habits leading up to the event and beyond. We will also be featuring a series of articles on her daily dietary habits and exercise routines; telling everyone of her progress. On Sunday May 1st in Birmingham, Jennie is hoping to leap over one more hurdle in an effort to be crowned Miss Universe 2011. If she is successful in Birmingham, she will be going to Brazil to represent Great Britain at the Miss Universe pageant. Show Jennie your support by voting for her to win Miss Universe GB by texting ‘Jennifer-Ellen Batson’ (‘-‘ included) to 81118 or calling 0901 293 7997 and dialing 04. There is plenty of work to be done on the night, but each vote counts! We wish Jennie all the best.