A Look into Jennie's Diet

As part of our support for Jennie in her effort to win Miss Universe, we agreed to look at Jennieís diet to see if there were any improvements that could be made. To do this we carried out a consultation to get an insight into Jennieís lifestyle and daily routine. This allowed us to find out not only what she was eating and drinking, but when she was doing so, which is of equal importance.

On the plus side we found that Jennie was doing a lot of things right. Jennieís daily routine requires her to be away for 12 hours a day and like many of us this involves a long commute. While this has its challenges, this has required Jennie to plan her meals for the day and establish a routine, which is beneficial. A typical day for Jennie looked like this:

She also eats breakfast, which sounds like a small thing, but its importance is often overlooked and too many of us skip it. For long commuters like Jennie, the temptation to skip breakfast in order to stay in bed for that little bit longer is often too strong to resist and a long instilled habit. The result is slower metabolism and at worst, an unhealthy breakfast picked up on the way to work.

She also makes her own lunch, which usually consists of pasta, a salad or a type of sandwich or wrap. In making her lunch and controlling what goes into it, she is able to avoid the 40% more calories that are present in a lot of off the shelf sandwiches, pasta dishes and salads. These extra calories are usually in the form of sugary dressings and sauces which many of us arenít aware contain so many calories.

Overall, her food choices were good; she stayed away from food that contained a lot of saturated fat and aside from the odd small chocolate bar, food that was high in sugar. However, we identified many things in her daily routine that could be improved upon and that we felt would make a great difference to Jennieís day.

The first thing that we aimed to improve was the frequency with which Jennie ate. With the long commute, Jennie has a demanding day and needs enough energy from her food to be effective at work. On her existing schedule, Jennie was eating at 8:30am, 1:45pm, 3pm and then 10pm. This is results in gaps between meals of roughly 5 hours, 1 hour and 7 hours; the result of which will be fluctuating energy levels and hunger. After a 5 hour break in the morning, itís not surprising Jennie was hungry at her first break at 1:45pm and still able to eat a full lunch at 3pm. Itís also not surprising that Jennie is famished by the time she gets on the train at 8pm, after not having anything to eat since 3pm; furthermore, she doesnít eat again until 10pm when sheís back home. The temptation to get something from a fast food outlet at the station is great at this point and itís a credit to Jennie that she hadnít succumbed.

We also found that at approximately 1 litre a day, Jennie wasnít drinking enough water. Not drinking at least 2 litres a day is likely to have had an effect on her ability to concentrate and on her level of energy.

Taking our suggestions on board, Jennieís schedule now looks like this:

As per our suggestion, Jennie drinks a pint of water just after she wakes up. Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps to increase your alertness and also aids the digestion of the breakfast youíre about to eat. Youíve also got around a quarter of your 2 litres for the day out of the way.

Jennie also increased the frequency of when she ate by scheduling in small snacks throughout the day. She now eats a snack on the train, in her first break, in her second break, and on the way home. In doing so, she is supplying her body with a steady supply of energy which will have a positive effect of her ability to concentrate, perform, and on her mood.

For these snacks, Jennie eats fruit, nuts or a combination of the two. In eating fruit regularly throughout the day, she is provided with slow releasing energy and contributing to her 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Eating nuts is often avoided due to the fact that they are high in fat. While this is true, a lot of the fat is the healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated kind which are of great benefit to your health. Nuts are also full of protein, which means that a small snack comprised of a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit is providing Jennie with protein, carbs, fat and tons of vitamins and minerals; a complete meal!

After nearly two weeks, Jennie is already pleased with the results: ďIím feeling really good, Iím able to concentrate better at work and I have more energy. As Iím eating little and often throughout the day, I donít have hunger pangs at particular times of the day anymore. Iíve also found my skin is looking betterĒ

Jennie will arrive at the Miss Universe GB finals looking and feeling better than ever and if she is successful in Birmingham this Sunday, her new habits will serve her well as she prepares for the final in Brazil in the summer. Please show Jennie your support by support by voting for her to win Miss Universe GB by texting ĎJennifer-Ellen Batsoní (Ď-Ď included) to 81118 or calling 0901 293 7997 and dialing 04.