Testimonials for Kettlebell Training

Neha Viswanathan

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I've been attending Rob's Kettlebell sessions for over two months now, and what an intense two months it's been! I could tell the difference within a couple of sessions - my posture had improved, and my knees were hurting a lot less than usual. I guess it's partly to do with how excellent Kettlebells are for training, but it's largely Rob's rather firm but understanding approach that makes a difference. He's attentive to my needs, and is quick to correct posture and technique.

He keeps things interesting by varying the routine, and makes you work on muscles you didn't know you had. I wouldn't class myself as particularly fit, but training with Rob is quite confidence inspiriting, which is more than I can say for any other trainer I've ever done a session with!

Neha Viswanathan - West Hampstead

Wayne Davies

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Exercise doesn't even make it to the bottom of the list of things I love to do. Unfortunately middle age has lead to a certain spreading around the middle.

I was looking around for a form of exercise that actually worked. Something I could feasibly do it, didn't cost much and was time-efficient. That's when I met Rob.

Rob's kettlebell class works fast, and as I get fitter I find myself enjoying it more and more.

Wayne Davies
Agazze Limited

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I've tried a few different exercise classes, but Kettlebells is definitely the best output for 45 minutes effort that I've found. The classes are hard work but you come away feeling like you've had a really good workout. After just a few weeks I could already notice the improvement in muscle definition in my arms and shoulders, and it's helped me with weight loss too. Rob creates a really good atmosphere in the class - he's great at pushing you, but in a really encouraging way. I normally try and find excuses to get out of exercising, but I really look forward to this class now!

Anna Magee - West Hampstead

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I had previously tried different classes but generally found that they were never really exerting me, and I always reverted back to my own exercise regimes until I moved to Hampstead and out of interest tried a Kettlebell class.

Due to the varied exercises/routines that are done in timed sets you can always push yourself further by increasing the speed/intensity or Kettlebell weight. Thus it is possible to train with a mixed group of differing experience and fitness levels. I find that week on week my strength and endurance are increasing as it provides an all over body workout that leaves me drenched in sweat!

Rob is a very dedicated trainer and is full of enthusiasm for his Kettlebell class and concentrates on ensuring that everyone is pushing themselves and most importantly developing the correct technique.

Simon Goddard - West Hampstead

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Kettlebells have enabled me to move away from the boredom and monotony of the gym. The off-centre weight of the Kettlebell means that you work the core through a wider range of motion, offering so much more than dumbbells and barbells. Kettlebells deliver functional strength making everyday tasks easier and ensure that you work out all of your muscles from head to toe - making it much more time-efficient compared to the machines at the gym which focus on one or two muscles at a time.

Kettlebells also offer much more variety, combining cardio and strength training, and can be for any fitness goal - whether it's fat loss, building up strength or power, improving endurance, or creating a leaner body shape. Kettlebell training has delivered results for me fast and strengthened my hamstrings, lower back and overall posture, amongst other things. It's an uncomplicated way to work out and one which guarantees results.

Neeraj Shah - Southgate, London