Janine, Recruitment Exec The first couple of sessions were pretty "challenging" and the day after I was hobbling but knew that I was using muscles I wasn't quite sure I had anymore. My husband must have been impressed with the results as he has joined in a couple of the sessions and now we do all that our work schedules allow together. more>>

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Despite our services encompassing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, Personal Training is the core of our business. Whether you are after one on one sessions, to train with a friend or loved one, a busy full time worker, full time mother, or you want help getting your kids in shape, we WILL fit Personal Training into your life.


Boxing is something we do with all of our clients. It is fast, fun, burns a whole lot of calories and everybody loves it! Whether it is a solo session or in a group, boxing is a great way to get in shape.

If you are interested in training boxing the old fashioned way, pushing your body to the limit then we can help. Anyone can benefit from a boxing session, whatever your fitness goals.

Boxing is so popular with my existing clients that once you start, I guarantee you will enjoy it, almost as much as you will enjoy the effect the training has on your body and fitness levels!


Russian Kettlebell training is a great method because it is a functional workout. This means it builds core strength and stability, improves posture and makes everyday tasks so much easier, from getting in and out of the car to walking up stairs and spending long periods of time on your feet without experiencing aches and pains.

As well as the above benefits, extremely challenging workouts can be designed to greatly benefit any athlete giving them explosive power and strength, from boxers to hockey players, to rugby players and golfers the Kettlebell is a phenomenal tool and great fun to use! Another great benefit is that because using Kettlebells works hundreds of muscles simultaneously, after a hard session you will continue to burn calories for hours, making it a powerful tool for those wishing to lose weight.

There is no better way to burn fat, whilst toning muscles and developing functional strength.

To join the next Kettlebell Course in either Hampstead or Alderley Edge - click here.

Postural Correction

We are acutely aware of how critical it is to perform exercises with correct form to minimise risk of injury and prevent ?training in? or worsening any bad habits people may have. As a consequence all of our clients will find themselves exercising safely.

We also offer a specific postural correction service whereby a full postural assessment is carried out, and a detailed corrective exercise programme is designed.

The programme will include strengthening necessary muscles and stretching out others as well as releasing tension in the body with some innovative techniques. It is not easy to free up joints and perform exercises to facilitate correct posture, but the effects are incredible with committed clients often able to move more easily and without pain for the first time in years after only a few sessions. Whether you have an old injury affecting your movement, or are office bound for several hours per day leading to imbalances of the body, we can help. Contact us here to book your postural assessment now.

Circuit Training

The final component of our training methodology is Circuit Training. Particularly good for group sessions, but also good in solo PT, a circuit offers a varied, fun and challenging workout which can, again, be tailored to ANY fitness level.

Circuits can be designed to challenge an Olympic athlete, or a sedentary individual who is just starting out in exercise, it really is that versatile.

Circuits can be sport specific, such as a boxing or hockey circuit, or more general targeting different areas of the body. Once clients realise how hard they can push themselves whilst having a lot of fun, they keep coming back.