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Janine, Recruitment Exec The first couple of sessions were pretty "challenging" and the day after I was hobbling but knew that I was using muscles I wasn't quite sure I had anymore. My husband must have been impressed with the results as he has joined in a couple of the sessions and now we do all that our work schedules allow together. more>>


At Fitness Universal we want to make a difference. When we see something that we feel needs to be highlighted then we will post an article here and welcome your comments and emails in relation to what you read.

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An Unstable Triathlete's Blog
Unsurprisingly perhaps, as a personal trainer, I was always relatively sporty in my younger years; finding activities like golf, hockey and tennis easy to pick up and excel at. more >>
30th May 2011 - The Fundamentals Series - What is stress?
Stress is the body’s physiological and emotional response to pressure. A bit of stress is a good thing- it can motivate us and increase performance. more >>
18th May 2011 - The Fundamentals Series - Hydration
Did you know that your body is 66% water? To give you an impression of how much that is, that would roughly be the height from the soles of your feet to your chest! more >>
29th April 2011 - Jennie's Diet
In this second feature on Miss Universe Great Britain finalist Jennifer-Ellen Batson, we will be focusing on Jennie’s eating habits and how recent small changes have yielded great results more >>
22nd April 2011 - Jennifer-Ellen Batson for Miss Universe Great Britain 2011
Fitness Universal is proud to announce that they are supporting Jennifer Ellen-Batson in her effort to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain more >>
1st April 2011 - The Sugar Puff Diet
Research has shown that one of the most potent antioxidants is found in the popular breakfast cereal sugar puffs! Are Sugar Puffs the latest superfood? more >>
7th March 2011 - The Fundamentals Series - Regular Exercise
Modern society gives us a lot more comfort and convenience than our ancestors enjoyed, but as a result we are far less active than they were. Regular exercise helps make sure we don’t pay the price… more >>
23rd Feb 2011 - The Fundamentals Series - Balanced Diet
We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘you are what you eat’; far from being a cute saying, it’s 100% true. more >>
13th Feb 2011 - Boxing for Fitness
Whether your goals are weight loss, inch loss or stamina and endurance goals, boxing is crucial! more >>
2nd Feb 2011 - The Benefits of Spinning and why you should be doing it...
There are two things in the last 9 months that have totally changed my physique...more >>
18th January 2011 - Why can't we keep our New Year's Resolutions?
If we made New Year's Resolutions, statistics say that we've broken them already! The question is why, and what can be done about it?...more >>
13th January 2011 - Fitness Universal in the Sun!
Check out Rob Brennan of Fitness Universal in the Sun Newspaper.more >>
12th November 2010 - Kettlebell Training
Still relatively unknown in the mainstream fitness industry, the Kettlebell has been used for centuries to great effect for multiple physical benefits.more >>
13th October 2010 - Corporate Culprits in Obesity Epidemic
Ever wondered why it is always the cheap confectionary on offer in Supermarkets and petrol stations and rarely the healthier options? Well so have I and it is certainly not to benefit the customers.more >>