The Sugar Puff Diet - April fools article 2010!

By Rob Brennan

There are many differing schools of thought relating to diet and nutrition, and although most of them have their merits, if you followed them all you would starve, as they all outlaw one food or another!

Following any one religiously, as many do, is likely to leave you lacking something somewhere in your diet or placing too much strain on your body In some way.

That is until now.

We have teamed up with naturopaths, nutritionists, and leading think tanks on nutrition and wellness and come up with something very exciting! It is a diet which is convenient, tastes great and has only minimal disruption to your daily life!

Believe it or not it is a diet that largely based around Sugar Puffs.

Research has shown that the strain of the wheat used in their production contains an extremely powerful anti oxidant called Mielmonstruoliene, a recently discovered substance that is also prevalent in the manuka plant. Mielmonstruoliene is many times more potent than the antioxidants contained in the much touted super food the goji berry and is causing quite a stir!

The combination of this powerful anti oxidant and the complex carbohydrate formula for the cereal means you literally do not need much more, other than plenty of water to survive!

The anti aging properties of Mielmonstruoliene are a whole new can of worms, one of the scientists on the research team for cutting edge think tank Basura, who discovered the substance described it's anti oxidant effect as 'staggering' rodents reared on a purely sugar puff diet have reached a relative age of 200 (Mouse years) and show no visible signs of ageing.

The diet is simple, you need to consume 5 x 200g bowls of sugar puffs daily at approximately 2 hour intervals over the course of the day, then eat your evening meal exactly as before! And with the ready meal offers on at Iceland at the moment the balanced evening meal solution has never been easier!

The reason we spread the puff consumption over a 10 hour period from waking is, as our ancestral past clearly shows, we evolved as a foraging and gathering race eating little and often over the course of our waking hours rather than in 3 large meals as western culture in particular has embraced as the norm. Spreading the kilogram of puffs over the day emulates this far more favourable eating pattern and gives a further benefit of a metabolic boost.

If 5 bowls sounds like a lot, then spice it up by varying the milk you include with your cereal. Alternating chocolate and strawberry bowl for bowl over the day was by far the most favourable consumption pattern observed by think tank Basura in the 2000 people Who formed their study. Most people found banana to be repugnant when mixed with the puffs.

Results have been remarkable to date, of the 2000 people on the diet all of whom were 'obese' according to the BMI scale, almost every person has recorded an increase of at least 3 points on the BNI scale in just 8 weeks over both the control group eating their usual diet and those on placebo puffs!

More remarkably most of those in the sugar puff group looked a bit younger after 8 weeks compared to the control group and those on placebo.

With the above information and summer just round the corner can you afford not to be trying this incredible new diet!

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And good luck!