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Fitness Universal has launched a series of bootcamps across London just in time for summer!

If you want to experience a new and effective way of getting fit and losing weight in the fresh air, then this is just the thing. It?s a great way to get fit with your friends and perhaps meet some new ones too. Our current bootcamp schedule is listed below:

  • 5.30 Fit Club
    Richmond, Old Deer Park
    Mon and Thurs 5.30pm

  • Paddington Bootcamp
    recreation ground
    Monday - 7.30pm

  • Fit Club
    Regents Park
    Wednesday ? 6.00pm

  • Saturday Spartan

    Kilburn Grange Park
    Saturday 10am

  • Wandsworth Bootcamp
    Wandsworth common
    Saturday 10am


Here is what our clients say..... contact us and you too could be a satisfied client. See also testimonials for our kettlebell class.

Rob Haynes, Manchester

How has life changed since you started training with Fitness Universal?

I have been attending boxing, cross training and Kettle bell classes with Rob for about a year now and he is fantastic. Rob knows the fine balance of giving you enough encouragement to push you without being forceful which is what ultimately deters most people going to a personal trainer in the first place. Rob is an approachable, friendly guy who clearly has a lot of experience in many different areas of personal training. Whilst still holding a current gym membership, I am hopeless in finding the drive to actually go. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to my classes with Rob which I never miss; it’s something I look forward to each week without fail. This is mainly down to the fact that every session is different, you can noticeably feel the difference in your performance and physique each week and his classes are thoroughly enjoyable. I have managed to sustain many injuries in my lifetime from one sporting activity or another and Rob always has a different form of exercise to compensate for any that I struggle with. If you’re looking for someone who is proactive, energetic, has a lot of patience and knows what they are doing then Rob is your man, I can’t recommend him enough!

Lindsey Wordley, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

How did you find Rob?

Through a friend who does kettlebell training with Rob

How has your progress been?

I'm not untypical I guess of the type of person that seeks out a personal trainer, busy with my career, single parent to two gorgeous children aged 12 and 16 who are extremely independent. I need the 1:1 motivation that Rob brings - ever encouraging - ever supportive.

Are you pleased with the results?

So far I am extremely pleased

How has life changed since you started?

I'm now in a dress size smaller - I have so much more energy, its quite incredible. I've got a very demanding job - fitness is definitely the key - I think I may have the bug.

What would you say to others thinking about having a personal trainer?

Its the 'Personal' bit that is the key, its all about you, like I said before if you are a busy person, its never about you and instead of putting ourselves first we invariably put ourselves last. Think on this, why do they say on the plane, put the oxygen mask on before helping others - works for me!

Andrew Rosamond, Macclesfield, Cheshire

How did you find Rob ?

Through my local BNI group

How has your progress been?

I am now 4lb short of losing 4 stone, I have dropped two sizes in all of my clothes and I feel fitter now at 50 than I did when I was 40

Are you pleased with the results?


How has your life changed since you started?

I now have loads of energy, I achieve so much more than I ever could both personally and professionally, I actually feel very healthy for the first time ever

What would you say to others thinking about having a personal trainer?

Stop thinking about it just do it , I wish I had started earlier than I did

Robin Baron, North London

I want to tell you about Rob Brennan of Fitness Universal. I started training with Rob towards the end of last year. I was fairly fit before but I wanted to concentrate on core strength and to lose a little weight. The effect of a one hour session a week has been to improve my whole mental outlook, to give me more energy and to improve my fitness and, yes, I have lost a little weight.

Rob is a pleasure to work with and always produces varied and interesting sessions that I look forward to. Fitness Universal?s holistic approach covers diet, stress, sleep, hydration as well as fitness itself and makes a lot of sense.

I can thoroughly recommend Rob as a trainer who produces results. If you want to make a difference to your life I highly recommend Fitness Universal.

Simone Plaut, North London

I started working with Rob towards the end of last year, I was feeling overweight, tired, stiff and jaded, and had just recovered from a serious back injury. I met him at a business networking meeting and haven't looked back.........I have dropped two dress sizes, lost a stone and a half, my aches and pains have largely gone, and I feel like a new woman. And to top it all, friends have remarked that I look ten years younger. I am 52 and feel totally safe working with Rob, as he takes everything slowly, consulted with my GP and osteopath, and started by gently building up my muscles before starting on demanding work. I recommend him highly.

Priyanka Shah, North London

Working in a stressful job where I sit for up to 10 hours at a desk I found that I was gaining weight and my energy levels were falling. I have been a member of a gym in the past, but found it hard to motivate myself to go regularly so decided to try out personal training with Rob.

I have had 12 sessions so far, and am really happy I went with this option. Rob makes sure that every session is varied and fun. He pushes me to achieve my goals but is encouraging in his approach. I have seen changes in my physical fitness, am feeling much more trim and my energy levels are much higher than before. I look forward to my sessions and Rob has recently introduced me to the kettlebell which I really like working out with.

Janine, Recruitment Exec, on training with her Husband

I contacted Rob through a recommendation as I knew I was just wasting my time at the gym.... when I actually went and just wasn't achieving anything. The first couple of sessions were pretty "challenging" and the day after I was hobbling but knew that I was using muscles I wasn't quite sure I had anymore. My husband must have been impressed with the results as he has joined in a couple of the sessions and now we do all that our work schedules allow together.

It is a great way for us to spend time together as during the week with work etc time is precious and the workouts, especially the kettle bells are getting great results - in fact I have seen more of a body change in hubbie from 4 sessions than all the PT sessions he had whilst at the gym! Rob manages to make them fun as he strikes the right balance of fun and a tough workout and I now look forward to each session.

Annie, Internet Marketing Consultant, on Kettlebell Classes

Rob has a great manner about him and is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced at being able to work out how he can best help you improve your fitness levels. Rob has a great studio in the basement of his home in Alderley Edge – it is equipped with various items to enable Rob to push you to your limits of ability.I have attended Rob's Kettlebell classes which are structured to gain maximum fat burning in a minimum of time - he is a great motivator and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rob as someone to help you achieve your health and fitness goals – he is very adaptable and can work around your busy schedule – thanks Rob !